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I have helped people of all phases, stages, shapes, sizes, and age develop a sustainable yoga practice to help them feel better in their body and confident on their yoga mat. 


I created the Chocolate Twist Yoga Membership to help people just like you grow their yoga practice step-by-step with clearly instructed and inspired yoga classes that can be taken on your schedule. 
For years I fumbled around in my yoga practice taking a variety of different classes and teachers and it just wasn’t coming together for me. Whether it was the demands of motherhood, work responsibilities, or not having the time to drive across town to a class, just getting to the studio would be stressful.  


Chocolate Twist Yoga Membership was intentionally designed so you don’t have to sacrifice quality of life to find inner sanctuary and quality yoga instruction. Starting with the Ultimate Yoga Program for Beginners, the membership is designed for you to feel at home on day one with sequential, compassionate, and straightforward instruction. 


Classes of various formats and levels to suit your needs, and there’s never a need to find parking or risk being late for class.  As a mom of a teenager and two young adults, I know that time is precious and time spent on the mat needs to be two things: intentional and empowering. And no matter what class you take, these two elements are always present to hold space for you.

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